Touch-free and in-line fluid characterization


Monitoring and quality control – continuous and real-time


Access data anywhere and anytime using a digital platform


Unlock the true potential using digital tools and streamline your process

ILP – Process monitoring and quality control

Patented technology

The science and technology behind our innovative products and solutions are based on more than 20 years of research and are protected by a multitude of international patents, held by Incipientus Ultrasound Flow Technologies AB.

Products & Services

Touch-free and real-time flow visualization, monitoring, and direct production line control for the process industry.

Pulsed ultrasound flow visualizer

Pulsed ultrasound flow visualizer (IFV)

Designed for academic and industrial research to measure flow velocity profiles of industrial liquids.

Advanced in-line rheometer

Advanced In-line Rheometer (ILR)

Designed for advanced measurements and product development in pilot plant environments.

Incipientus touch-free sensor

Touch-free sensors

Advanced touch-free sensor for pulsed ultrasound velocity profile measurements through industrial-grade SS316L and carbon steel pipes.

ILP – Process monitoring and quality control

Process monitoring & quality control (ILP)

Designed for process monitoring and quality control of industrial liquids in production plant environments.

Financial solutions

Thanks to strategic partnerships and cooperations, we offer a range of financial solutions for our customers. Want to know more?

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World’s most advanced pulsed ultrasound measurement platform

  • Digital platform
  • Velocity profiles
  • Doppler spectra
  • RF, I/Q, FFT and profiles
  • Spatio-temporal information

Incipientus Solution Benefits

  • Touch-free and non-intrusive
  • Accessible and Industry 4.0 ready
  • In-line, real-time and continuous measuring and characterization
  • Massive quality data
  • New insights about your product and process
  • Instant velocity profiles

COVID-19 Disclaimer

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