A Reunion Innovation and Friendship: Welcoming Professor Yasushi Takeda

🎓 On Friday , we had the honor of hosting a very special guest at our headquarters – a long-time friend and esteemed academic, Professor Yasushi Takeda, the founder of the Ultrasound Velocity Profiling Technology (UVP). His long-awaited visit not only strengthened the bonds of friendship but also sparked a series of engaging discussions on the future of our industry, flow metering- and flow visualization.

With a career spanning decades and a passion for innovation that matches our company’s vision, Professor Takeda’s insights and presentations were both enlightening and inspiring. His dedication to education and research has paved the way for many UVP researchers, and it was a privilege for the Incipientus team to exchange ideas and to have inspiring discussions.

We delved into topics ranging from the historical developments to the latest technological trends to new practices that can drive our developed technology forward. The professor’s visit also included a nice lab sesson and  a collaborative workshop with our team, where we explored new possibilities and envisioned the road ahead.

As we bid farewell, we were reminded of the power of collaboration and the enduring value of academic-industry partnerships. Thank you, Professor Takeda, for a memorable day filled with knowledge-sharing and good memories and laughs. Here’s to many more!

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