Ketchup is a popular condiment enjoyed worldwide, known for its diverse applications ranging from dipping sauces to burger toppings. Its unique rheological properties play a crucial role in consumer satisfaction and product performance.

Understanding the rheological properties of viscous products like ketchup is essential for optimizing manufacturing processes, ensuring product quality and stability, while meeting consumer expectations. Rheological in line measurements provide valuable insights into the complex interplay of ingredients and processing techniques, ultimately enhancing the overall ketchup experience.

Outdated 1920s technology

The consistometer is commonly used to determine the consistency of viscous foods, such as ketchup. The consistometer can only tell you how far your product will spread under its own weight in the amount of time you set. The consistometer requires sample removal, it cannot be used to determine the viscosity of the product and the results are operator dependent, thus not suitable for quality assurance.

Inline quality assurance

The Incipientus in-line rheology system is easy to use and provide continuous and operator independent real-time production data. Our systems are used for flow visualization and to measure complex rheology under real processing conditions in a factory environment and provide deep insights about the products and processes. Measurements done in-line can be directly compared to international and industry-wide standards thus making it ideal for real-time quality assurance testing.


Eliminate time-consuming analyses of samples.

Improve product quality and minimize batch variations.

Ensure that your ketchup meets customer expectations in terms of texture flow and taste.


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