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Produced in many variations, smooth, drinkable, thick, with or without additives like berries and jams. The taste and feel is important for consumers

In the food processing industry, viscosity indicates whether the product is lumpy or smooth, watery, or too thick.

The texture of the final product must be the desired texture in order for the customer to appreciate it and wish for more.

During the manufacturing process a company may test a product and then adjust the process in achieve the expected texture.

However, in reality controlling texture is difficult and there are frequent fluctuations. Especially, for non-Newtonian products, it is a real challenge to effectively measure viscosity in-line to achieve the expected texture of the final product produced.

“For improved product quality & efficiency real-time, in-line monitoring and control of flow properties is required”


Easy setup & installation

The Incipientus in-line rheology system is easy to use. The instrument is ready for installation within a factory or pilot plant environment.

Verified technology

The Incipientus instrument was verified together with a large company that manufactures equipment for diary applications. Touch-free sensors were used for two different stainless steel pipe sizes.


  • Eliminate time-consuming analyses of samples.
  • Early warning detection during the process.
  • Improve production output and reduce wastage.
  • Link important product quality parameters to your process.


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