Exciting week at Nordic Food Industry 2022

Incipientus is showcased our latest and innovative technology, featuring unique sensors providing touch-free process data for better production performance at the Nordic Food Industry 2022 at Svenska Mässan! ​
Members of Incipientus Team (Seamus Taylor, John Shamu, Reinhardt Kotzé, Johan Wiklund) were engaged in interesting discussions at the fair all week at stand No: E01:12-13. Many people wanted to learn more about Incipientus innovative technology for flow visualization, and in line rheology measurements of industrial liquids. All measurements are made continuously and without risks of contamination using touch-free sensor technology.​

Johan Wiklund gave a presentation at the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Innovation Square, hosted by Vinnova. Incipientus played an important role in the development of technology for the Gothenburg Throat model – Visualization of human swallowing in vitro. With pulsed ultrasound measurements, Incipientus can visualize the flow and provide a complete velocity profile of the transportation of the food or drink in the pharynx during swallowing. The device, equipped with Incipientus sensors, can help innovative food companies produce unique products for Dysphagia patients. ​

Thanks to everyone who visited our stand and the many interesting discussions!
Incipientus Team are now looking forward to continue the discussions in follow up meetings. Please contact us at info@incipientus.com