Meet Seamus Taylor, our new colleague!

What did you do before you started at Incipientus?
Most recently I completed my masters degree in science (MSc) at Mittuniversitetet in Sundsvall, and before that I completed my bachelors in science (BSc) at Limerick Institute of Technology in my homeland of Ireland.
Over the years I have worked in residential administration, as a summer camp counselor and in the hospitality industry in the USA, Ireland and Sweden. I hope to bring my collected work experiences and education in engineering, to bear fruit at Incipientus.

What title will you have at Incipientus?
I am an electronic engineer. Given that Incipientus is a relatively new company and many things need to be developed, besides just the pure engineering aspect (often one of the most fun parts of the job), there will be elements of administration, customer service and logistics.

You like being in nature and hiking, have you found a favorite place in Sweden?
Although there are tons of amazing sights to visit in Sweden, I might have go with Skuleskogen – a national park close to Sundsvall. It was one of my first experiences getting to see Scandinavian nature up close and holds a special place in my heart.

You’re from Ireland, how come you moved to Sweden?
A mixture of reasons tipped me towards Sweden as opposed to other European countries. I wanted to study, and the quality of Sweden’s universities are excellent. The specialised masters courses I was looking for were often offered entirely in English, which of course was positive for me.
However, I would say that my strongest motivation was a desire for something different and a sense of adventure. Since I am also born in the USA, that is probably my pioneering spirit talking!