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Who we are

Incipientus is a market leading, progressive high technology company with a strong research background and its roots in RISE-Research Institutes of Sweden AB, CPUT-Cape Peninsula University of Technology and ETH-Zurich. The development started already in the 1990s and the company was inofficially started in 2017 and today consists of employees with different backgrounds and competences but with the same goal; to radically change and improve the industrial process monitoring and quality control of non-Newtonian liquids.

Incipientus contributes to a green future through intelligent flow technologies

Incipientus provides improved quality, less waste and energy savings, through dynamic non-invasive liquid flow analysis.

Our Manifesto

Incipientus provide state-of-the-art solutions that will allow our customers fundamentally change their measurements and quality control:

From time-consuming off-line measurements in the laboratory, to continuous, real-time flow visualization, process monitoring and direct production line control.

The science and technology behind our innovative products and solutions are based on more than 20 years of research and are protected by a multitude of international patents, held by Incipientus Ultrasound Flow Technologies AB.

Both our team and our development partners are renowned experts in the field of pulsed ultrasound measurements and sensor technology. We work with the best!

Core Team

Our teams consist of highly motivated people with different backgrounds, age and competences but with the same goal. Our team of experts has up to 20 years of experience from developing the Incipientus technology.

Incipientus Board

Lars-Göran Andersson (Circus AB) is the chairman of the board. The other directors on the board are:

  • Anders Engström (RISE)
  • Tore Sveälv (GU Ventures)
  • Lars Pålsson
  • The founders

Contact us

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Frans Perssons Väg 6

Contact Information

Incipientus Ultrasound Flow Technologies AB
Frans Perssons Väg 6
SE-412 76, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Email: info@incipientus.com