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Hybrid Flow Metering

A number of industrial applications require accurate volumetric flow measurement. Ultrasonic based flow metering has its main advantages where non-invasive and non-intrusive installations are required. Our unique hybridflow meter method combines the transit time and Doppler techniques for accurate industrial flow measurement.

The transit time method

Two transducers are normally installed on opposite sides of the pipe (Z-mode), where one is more downstream than the other as shown in the Figure (right). In this setup one transducer (transmitter) sends pulses to the second transducer which then captures the sound waves after a time delay. The second transducer which was the receiver during the first interval becomes the receiver. The upstream ultrasound signal is delayed and the downstream signal is speeded up by the moving fluid. The line averaged flow velocity for two transducers that are a distance 𝐿 apart along the acoustic axis, can be calculated.

Doppler flow measurement

For this type of flow meters the setup arrangements with a single ultrasound sensor is normally used as shown in the Figure (right). By assuming that the velocity profile is symmetrical about the pipe axis the volumetric flow rate is calculated by integrating half the profile i.e. across the pipe radius. The accuracy can be increased further by integrating profiles from more sensors.

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