Read what John Shamu, one of the users of Incipentus’ instruments, thinks about the products.

Doctoral student John Shamu at the Division of Soil and Rock Mechanics at KTH uses Incipientus products, both the advanced in-line rheometer (ILR) and the Pulsed-ultrasound flow visualizer (IFV), as part of his research work.

John started using the Incipientus tools as early as 2014 during his master’s project; under the supervision of Reinhardt Kotze and Johan Wiklund the co-founders of Incipientus AB.

– Incipientus’ ultrasound technology captured my interest immediately back in the day before it was even a product from a company like it is today. I really like working with cutting-edge technology, like Incipientus’. It is interesting to work with such tools, bringing them to the broader market of the construction industry, John Shamu explains.

Today he is a Ph.D. student in the field of rock grouting; the focus of his studies is on the flow properties of cement-based grouts. He uses the Incipientus instruments to measure cement’s viscosity, contributing in part towards a future with automated grouting operations by quality monitoring and control of the cement’s consistency.

– The way Incipientus measures viscosity is unique. With their ultrasound solution, the measurements are non-invasive. There is no need to stop the process for instrument maintenance: just attach and detach the ultrasound sensors from the process line as needed.

Automated quality control of cement suspensions, e.g., in the grouting industry, would lead to more sustainable grouting applications. At present, large cement waste is produced from batches that are prepared during the pretesting phase. Additionally, measurement of viscosity parameters during the process would most likely translate to monetary and time savings.
With Incipientus’ instruments, future grouting processes would also generate digital records of the viscous properties. Such data can be used proactively to adjust the cement-grout mix for effective results and subsequently improve future grouting operations.

– Incipientus is really working with something new, and the technology really works. At present, Incipientus products are the only ones capable of visualizing complex flows of suspensions such as grout. By doing so the ultrasound technology is set to change the future of grouting and at large other cement-based construction processes.