Cement grouts

Cement grouts

Cement grouts suspensions are widely used to seal rock fractures in many tunneling and dam construction projects.

Today there are stricter environmental demands, focus on cost optimization and control of waste levels. The properties of cement grouts significantly influence the flow behavior during the grouting process, and consequently the final spread and sealing effect that can be achieved in grouted rock formations.

Cement grout quality tests are normally carried out with old tools/methods such as flow cups and marsh funnels. These tools rely on operators, are time-consuming and tests are done under different conditions which provides limited data on pipe flow. It is therefore important to monitor and control these essential flow properties in line during the grouting process, ensuring a standardized and more sustainable method for controlling the grouting operation.

Field lab

Incipientus has developed together with SKANSKA a portable field lab for grouting applications. With the correct flow properties ensured by on-site and in-line measurements the overall grouting execution is improved

Field lab at Skanska site

In-line tests

Digital and reliable records of cement grout flow properties are logged for immediate action and post-grouting analysis. Eliminate expensive and time-consuming pretesting with in-line measurements.

“Optimize operation costs, reduce waste and ensure traceability”

In-line tests on site


  • Reliable data records ensure traceability
  • Waste management
  • Optimizing operation cost
  • Ensure correct mix properties
  • Accurate flow rate measurement


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