Detergents are fluids that are highly shear dependent and have complex properties.

Flow properties such as viscosity, affect product quality and therefore represent important control parameters.
Products are only measured and verified after the production process with random checks and off-line methods.
If specifications are not met, products could not be suitable to their placing on the market or to their utilization in possible next steps of production.
The continuous monitoring of quality indexes of these fluids during production is therefore of paramount importance for process and production control. Available in-line sensors are typically able to estimate the viscosity only at a single shear rate, therefore their use for control purposes is not successful. Incipientus solves this by providing complete multi-point viscosity data over the required shear rate range.

“In-line monitoring saves production cost”

Touch-free sensors

Incipientus sensors was used to measure during the mixing process of consumer care products for in-line quality control. The sensors are touch free and hygienically safe.

Multi-point data in complex products

Incipientus provides complex multi-point data over the measured shear rate range. This is critical for accurate monitoring of the process.


  • Quality first time right.
  • Monitor and improve complex mixing processes.
  • Early warning detection during the process.
  • Eliminate time consuming off-line sampling.


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