Service, Maintenance and Support

Incipientus offers you a number of services and best in class support to help you get started and maintain your plant. Our aim is to be your first choice partner for inline flow- and viscosity sensor system solutions and innovative products.


  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training
  • Operator certification
  • Data analysis
  • Deep insights
  • Reports
  • Maintenance and upgrades

* Incipientus offer many different types of services either on site or via remote access depending on your specific needs. Contact us for a price quote.

Book services for your new Incipientus product

When you place your order, you can book installation from Incipientus to quickly get started with your product. Our professional team will install and commissioning your newly purchased product and train your staff. 

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Maintenance and upgrades

Incipientus products and sensors are designed for minimal maintenance requirement. There are no mechanical moving parts and our sensors are 100% touch-free and not in contact with the liquids, thus there is no risk of contamination or wear and tear.  We customize a service program where our own staff ensures that your installation is reliable and as efficient as possible. Our maintenance and upgrade services (SW+HW) can be tailored to suit many different needs to ensure that your facility maintains the optimal and lates technical level.