Incipientus conducted successful trials with a global consumer goods company


Flow of fibre suspensions is a key factor in manufacturing a diverse range of many pulp-fibre based products. Applications include paper production, packaging, boxes, hygiene products, composites, food stuffs, carpeting and a variety of disposable products. The cellulose mixture and flow properties are of vital importance since it directly relates to the quality of the finished product.

Incipientus has successfully completed a Proof-of-Concept test with a global consumer goods company. The Incipientus system was used to continuously measure complex properties directly in-line in concentrated fibre suspensions.

From a single measurement a complete multipoint rheogram is determined. The Incipientus system can be installed in the production line and is not operator dependent therefore ensuring accurate and reliable data. Critical process parameters can be outputted by the Incipientus system continuously and can be linked to the process. This enables continuous monitoring of the product quality.
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